How much will it cost to earn my CM-Lean or CM-BIM?

The fee for CM-Lean exam is $575 and is separate from the course fee. In the event that you must re-take the exam there is a re-testing fee of $100.

Where can I find the CM-Lean exam application?

You can access the CM-Lean exam application here.

Where can I find the CM-BIM exam application?

You can access the CM-BIM exam application here.

What are the CM-BIM renewal requirements?
  1. Prior to the renewal anniversary, the CM-BIM holder must submit the required number of CM-BIM continuing education (CE) hours. Click here to access the CE submission form.
  2. Once all CE hours are submitted and approved, applicants may submit the $100.00 CM-BIM renewal fee. Click here to submit your renewal fee.
  3. CM-BIM holders will receive an updated digital badge, and their credentials will be valid for an additional three (3) years.

To learn more about the CM-BIM renewal process, review the CM-BIM Renewal Guidelines. You also may view a list of CM-BIM learning opportunities that offer CE credits.

What are the CM-Lean renewal requirements?
  1. Prior to the three-year anniversary, the CM-Lean holder must submit thirty (30) hours of Lean Construction-related continuing education (CE). Click here to submit your CE hours.
  2. Once all CE hours are submitted and approved, applicants may submit the $100.00 CM-Lean renewal fee. Click here to submit your CM-Lean renewal fee.
  3. CM-Lean holders will receive an updated digital badge, and their credentials will be valid for three (3) years.

Review the CM-Lean Renewal Guidelines to learn more about the CM-Lean renewal process.

What if I forget to renew my CM-Lean or CM-BIM credentials?

If a CM-Lean or CM-BIM holder fails to renew their credentials before their renewal date, they will be placed on a six (6) month probationary period. After the six (6) month period and up to one (1) year past their renewal date, a CM-Lean or CM-BIM holder must pay an increased renewal fee of $250 and submit their continuing education credits to renew their credentials.

Those who fail to submit their continuing education credits and renewal payment after one (1) year past their renewal date will lose the right to use the CM-Lean or CM-BIM designation in all its forms. If an individual seeks to regain their CM-Lean or CM-BIM status after one (1) year, they may do so by retaking and passing the most recent version of the CM-Lean or CM-BIM exam at their own expense.

What is the cancellation policy?

A full refund will be given to cancellations made 14 calendar days prior to the class kick off. After such time, no refunds will be given. Replacements are acceptable and must be submitted via email to rockkie.dunton@agc.org.

AGC reserves the right to cancel programs up to 10 days prior to start date if a minimum number of attendees is not met.

What is AGC’s Event Policy?

All individuals who register for or attend this event, by virtue of their registration or attendance, agree to the Code of Conduct, Image Release, and Event Cancellation policies posted here. If you have questions, please contact meetings[@]agc.org.

My company is a member of an AGC Chapter and I have created an account on AGC.org but why I am not receiving member pricing for the EDGE education programs?

Once you have created an account on AGC.org, it can take up to 1 business day for your account to be synced with your company’s membership, allowing you to register for EDGE courses with member pricing. After 1 business day, if you still cannot register for courses with member pricing, please contact the education team at education@agc.org.


Transferring Registration

All transfers must be to courses starting within 90 days of the original course start date. Send transfer requests to rockkie.dunton[@]agc.org.

  • First Transfer: Complimentary if notification of transfer is received via email two (2) or more days before the start of the course.
    • Transfer requests received within 24 hours of the start of the course will incur a transfer fee of 25% of registration cost, must be paid at the time of the requested transfer.
  • Second Transfer: Fee of 25% of registration cost, must be paid at the time of the requested transfer.
  • No more than two transfers will be permitted.
How do I register for the courses? Are there any prerequisites to be completed before taking the courses?

There are no prerequisites before our virtual course offerings. Find the course offering that works best for you.

What technology do I need to take the virtual class?

The virtual classes thrive on participation. A microphone and camera will be needed to participate. A second device or screen will be helpful to view your course materials. 

How are the course materials offered?

Participants will receive instructions on how to access course materials via the AGC Mimeo platform. Students will be able to download the mimeo app or engage with their Ematerials though the mimeo brower. Ebooks are available offline as well thorough mimeo. 

Do I have to attend all course days?

Yes. Participants should only sign up for course dates that work for their schedule. Attendance will be taken, and only participants who attend live 90% of all instruction time will receive their certificate. 

What will I receive at the end of the course?

Each course series will offer digital certificates for the course.  
BIM and Lean course series will also unlock the ability to apply for and take the CM-BIM or CM-Lean exams for an additional $575 fee. 

Do I have to be an AGC member in order to attend the class or sit for the exam? If I want to be a member how do I join?

No, you do not need to be an AGC member to attend the courses exam. Members do receive the member price for the course. Joining AGC’s membership has many benefits such as providing you with a menu of products, programs and services to support your business. Join at a local level!

What is expected of me during the course?

This is an interactive experience. We expect students to have cameras and microphones turned on and be engaged in the course. Engagement in activities, case studied, breakouts and simulations are to be expected. 

What is the CM-Lean credential?

The AGC Certificate of Management-Lean Construction (CM-Lean) is an assessment-based certificate credential that denotes knowledge and understanding of concepts related to lean adoption, practice and process transformation outlined in AGC’s Lean Construction Education Program. Successful candidates will carry the CM-Lean designation. 
Individuals earn the CM-Lean credential once they have completed the seven mandatory courses and successfully taking the CM-Lean exam.

What is the CM-BIM credential and how do I earn it?

AGC’s CM-BIM credential is an assessment-based certificate program—simply put, it is a credential that acknowledges your completion of a training program and an exam that verifies that you have learned the information provided in that program. The CM-BIM program is designed to set a baseline of BIM knowledge across the industry; it does not denote a level of expert knowledge in all facets of BIM.

How do I take the CM-Lean or CM-BIM exam

The credential exams are proctored online via AI technology through ExamSoft. You must use your own computer that is equipped with both a microphone and webcam.

Can I sit for the CM-BIM or CM-Lean exam without taking the courses?

Participants must attend all courses in a classroom environment either live or virtual-live and delivered by an approved instructor, to be eligible to sit for the exam

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